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Why does humidity matter?

Humidity is just like temperature.
But instead of sweating or shivering, we get bogged down by a dry nose, dry eyes, low energy, and so much more.

Balancing indoor air introduces a range of benefits that support both our health & our day-to-day comfort.

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' R E V I E W S '

4 . 9 / 5 ★

We're a pretty small business still, so we don't have any fancy reviews from places like Forbes, GQ, or the Times, but one thing's for sure -

It's no secret that we put our 13,000+ customers before anything else.

"My wife and I are obsessed with this thing. Best part? She stopped snoring!!"

Alex W. | ★★★★★

s h o p Stella | Cloud White

"Perfect for those dry hot summer days when you just can't seem to cool off, or those dry winter evenings when it feels like you could cut the air with a knife."

Nancy S. | ★★★★★ James | White

"This past year has opened my eyes on how important it is to care more about what we cannot see. I'm so happy that I can trust in my James to get my husband and me through this dry season. I'm proud to support this company and I'll be back again soon!" Stella | James

"MG is carving out a niche for themselves in the quality humidifier market - and the Stella & James make it clear why."

Katrina S. | ★★★★★ Stella | White

"This company stands behind their product and wanting the customer to be happy. I had a few questions on how to get things set up but in retrospect it was so simple. I look forward to buying another Stella some time soon - winter is coming! Great quality, great company."

Leon S. | ★★★★☆ Luna | White

"The Luna looked so puny at first, but it's been perfect for my orchids. It's portable and so easy to clean. It's not strong enough for my overnight needs, and I used to have a larger humidifier that was tough to clean and clunky to setup, so now I'm savin' up for a James! I'm so glad I made the switch to Missed. "

Jack M. | ★★★★★ William + Stella | White

"I had some questions about choosing between all the different models, and the customer service team got back to me in minutes. They recommended a Stella for larger spaces and a William for my office use - I am so glad with their choice so far and I've had no problems after using this humidifier for almost 6 months now. "

' A N N E X '

Explore the MG Annex Blog where we chat air and talk mist. Our team has got humidity down to a science.