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The William

The William

A B O U T _ M I S S E D

Catch up on our story and how we've travelled the world to bring you the ultimate humidifying experience.


Be it for clearer skin or a healthier & more balanced environment - it's time to start caring more about the air we breathe in.

Join our growing community of 10,500+ happy customers.

Carina K. | ★★★★★ James (10/1 Batch) | White

"I signed up for a pre-order for the James, and I finally received it as part of their October batch. It's been everything I wanted and more. Originally I was just using humidifiers to help with the dryness in California, but lately I've gotten into essential oils too! So excited for their new oils to drop!"

Katrina S. | ★★★★★ Stella | White

"This company stands behind their product and wanting the customer to be happy. I had a few questions on how to get things set up but in retrospect it was so simple. I look forward to buying another Stella some time soon - winter is coming! Great quality, great company."

Leon S. | ★★★★★ William | White

"The William looked a bit small at first, but it's been perfect for my orchids. It's portable as well which is nice because I use it in my bedroom at night. I used to have a larger humidifier that was tough to clean and clunky to setup. I'm so glad I made the switch to Missed."

Jack M. | ★★★★★ William | White

"I had some questions about choosing between all the different models, and the customer service team got back to me in minutes. They recommended a Stella for larger spaces and a William for my office use - I am so glad with their choice so far and I've had no problems after using this humidifier for almost 2 months now. "

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