How I Learned the Benefits of a Humidifier

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I’ve never given much thought to the air I breathe in my home. After all, I take care of my living space and think of my home as my sanctuary. However, there were countless mornings I’d wake up with an itchy throat, ones where my allergies started before I was even awake. Complaining about this to a friend, he recommended I’d get a humidifier and relayed the benefits of moisture in the air.

So I decided to do my own research. It turns out there are a lot of advantages to having a humidifier.

1. Lessen Allergy Symptoms

Having a humidifier turned on means I now wake up without an itchy throat. Breathing in air with higher humidity moistens your nasal tissues, relieving congestion in your airways. Say good-bye to allergy symptoms by simply adding water vapor to the air you inhale. These mornings, my throat doesn’t bother me, meaning I finally roll out of bed in a good mood.

2. Softer Snoring

You can’t control much while you’re asleep, but those who are kept awake by your snoring will wish this isn’t true. An easy fix is adding moisture to the air you breathe. The water vapor latches onto allergens like dust and eliminates them from the air, the same ones that typically clog our airways. Of course, fixing the dry air won’t make you a soundless sleeper but it will help tremendously. The tissues in your nose and throat will give a sigh of relief at a welcoming breeze of water vapor.

3. Prevents Airborne Viruses

Dry air allows the free, fast-flowing movement of airborne viruses and bacteria to surround you easier. With more water in the air, a humidifier does the job of attacking these particles and keeping them away from your airways. It’s as simple as the moisture weighing the particles down, so they stick to the ground or other surfaces. Just by increasing the humidity in the air, you may decrease spreading illnesses within your home. Read more about how a humidifier helps keep our homes and environments safe, especially in these current times. 

4. Moisturized Skin and Healthier Hair

The first thing we notice is chapped lips or dry skin. That uncomfortable feeling usually causes you to assume you’re dehydrated, so you drink more water. But this can only do so much for your body internally if the air you’re surrounded by is dry. Having soft and supple skin means maintaining the humidity levels in your home. By doing so, your skin retains more moisture and you’ll find it’s less itchy. Similarly, your scalp is like the rest of the skin on your body and also requires water in the air in order to stay healthy. This helps your hair retain its shine. You’ll be less likely to have dandruff and dry, flaky skin. Especially those susceptible to skin conditions, such as eczema and other irritations, should welcome the many benefits of a humidifier in their homes.

5. No More Bloodshot Eyes

The most common cause for bloodshot eyes is long-term exposure to dry air, not lack of sleep. Especially when there is low humidity, your eyes turn bloodshot with bulging, little veins. Although those broken blood vessels eventually go away on their own, your eyes will thank you if they have proper moisturization that allows them to function properly. A humidifier at home means less trips to the office bathroom to squirt in those eye drops.

Having dry air in the home is damaging to one’s health for many reasons. And the solution is an easy fix with a humidifier.

There are some important things to consider when buying your own humidifier such as the type that best suits your needs and the one that provides the right level of humidity for you. There are many different types of humidifiers (warm mist versus cool, etc.) and you can find a breakdown of them on one of our previous blog posts here. 

Overall, a little extra moisture in the air goes a long way. For me, this means no longer waking up on the wrong side of the bed. With a soothed throat, I also experience little to no allergy symptoms and my eyes are no longer red. It’s the small things that make my mornings better. The added benefits may be just the same, or even greater, for you.

On a final note, we always want be completely transparent and honest with our readers: although we do design and sell our own humidifiers at Missed Global, we encourage you to continue to read up on the potential benefits of owning humidifiers and consider adding one to your household, even if it does not end up being from our collection.

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Written by Sydney A. 

Proud owner of a Pink Stella 

How I Learned the Benefits of a Humidifier