Humidity in the Office

3 reasons for why a humidifier belongs on your desk.


Indoor air is dry.

If you work indoors for more than 5-6 hours at a time, chances are you've experienced dry eyes, nasal congestion, light headaches, or even just dry skin. A lot of us chalk this up to 'staring at a screen for too long,' but more often than not, dry indoor air is the real culprit.


On average, indoor air can be 20-30% drier than the air outside. Running the A/C all day makes this even worse - adding some mist into your space is the perfect way to avoid these energy sapping symptoms and keep you feeling & working at your best.


There are common health benefits that are too often overlooked.

"There is now overwhelming scientific evidence that a mid-range air humidity has significant benefits for human health," explains Dr. Stephanie Taylor.


Dry air is not something people talk or think about very often because the consequences aren't as obvious. A good illustration of what happens if you don't pay any attention to indoor humidity levels is what happens in hotels -


Guests often wake up feeling abnormally dry, and it might not come as a surprise to you that these same guests have also been found to be more likely to get sick in following weeks. Because hotels run their A/C all day & everyday, the resulting dry air accelerates dehydration, promotes exhaustion, and worst of all, lowers the immune defenses of your respiratory system.


Adding some moisture back into the air is an effortless way of ensuring that our homes are nothing like these dry public spaces. Safe, balanced, and comfortable - just the way we like it.


Good vibes, matter.

Whether it's with buying furniture, a new mobile phone, or a new pair of shoes, aesthetic matters. We all have our own style and taste, and our team here at MG is all about that modern, chic, and simple vibe.


For how much time we spend in our home office/work environments, we think it's important to populate our space with choices that fit right in and are easy on the eyes. Things that make you feel proud to own, eager to use, and happy to be around.

And it doesn't have to always stay in your office.

Dry indoor air is a year-round issue. Bedroom, car, kitchen, living room, or office. Keep your air balanced wherever it makes sense.

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