2 0 2 1 _ B A S I C S

The "2021 Back-to-the-Basics Collection" is our new collaboration series where we have partnered with some relatively new, small, but promising manufacturers to create exceptionally simple & aesthetic products. 

The James, June, and April have all been globally adapted with our Missed Global branding. You can look forward to a highly personal and hyper-customized product experience.

The Luna & Luna Mini have not been globally adapted yet, so there is a bit of both Chinese and English throughout the branding. At first, we thought it might be a bit confusing for those of us in the US, but after a few trial tests with some of our helpful community members on IG, we realized that "simplicity" really is a universal language. 

We're blessed to be able to welcome all of these products & their creators into the Missed Global family. Happy humidifying!