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Meet Luna, 

Elegant, portable, and refreshingly simple. The first in our 2021 Back-to-the-Basics Collection.

With Luna, our team prioritized function, usability, and appearance. No fancy LED's or digital screens. Just one touch, and you're on your way. 


  • Up to 85 square feet of comfortable coverage. 

  • Organic Cotton Filter & tap water compatible

  • 8+ hours of continuous misting with a 780 ml tank and 2 settings, intermittent and continuous (plugged in)

  • Wireless & Portable - get up to 4 hours of wireless misting for when you're on the go, in the car, or you just don't feel like staying connected

  • 30 day risk-free return policy - we're so confident that you'll love Luna. We've also got you covered with our 7-days-a-week support team dedicated to helping you get the best out of your experience with MG. 

  • 2 Mode Night Light - improved ambient lighting feature with bright and dimmed modes.
  • Made to Order: 15 day process - scroll down to learn more on this.


Mist type: cool mist Size: 780 mL (8+ continuous hours), 4x4x5 inches Maintenance: Cloth Wipe, Cotton Filter Change Notables: Ambient night light (can be disabled)

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Shipping & Returns

Free US Shipping.

Give us 1-2 days to process your order on our end, but after that, it should only take 2-3 business days for the James and the Stella. All of our other products are made-to-order, so it will take roughly 7-12 business days.

Returns are accepted within 30 days of delivery in accordance with our Trial Period & Return Policy.

For more information on shipping & returns, click here.

How to Indulge

Indoor humidity levels are on average anywhere from 20-40% lower than outside.

Place your humidifier within 4 feet of where you want immediate results, and you'll feel the difference in minutes. 40-60% RH is the level to strive for. A good way to tell if you're going overboard is if the surface of the humidifier gets wet. This seldom happens indoors unless you live in very humid areas.



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Essential Oils

Refer to the list below for which of our misting companions are essential oil friendly.

Essential Oil Compatible:

James, June & April

Not Compatible:

Luna, Luna Mini, Stella

Essential oils are meant to be diffused or ionized in our collection. Only 3 of our current models are equipped to do so.


What we recommend the Luna for:

Skincare, mild sleep discomfort*, spot humidity (plantcare, etc...), daytime supplement (desk, car, living room)

*if you struggle with serious overnight dryness, a larger humidifier like the Stella, James, or June/April will offer more relief


Luna is a member of our 2021 Back-to-the-Basics series where stay true to our roots and offer simplicity through a made-to-order international collaboration.

Learn more about this collab here.

E T A :     1 5   D A Y S

15 days is on average what it takes for us to receive your order, process it, schedule a manufacturing slot, produce, package, and then ship your Luna over to you.

Our team is working every day to shave time off this timeline and get things over to you as soon as possible.

P O L I C I E S : 

"What happens if I change my mind?"

Long story short, you can cancel your order as long as you have not been assigned a tracking number. If you choose to cancel after we ship, you'll have to send the unit back to us in LA.

Oh, and 30-day risk free returns.

We're confident that you'll love Luna just as much as those of us who have already experienced her magic.

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