About Missed Global -  2020

T H E _ J O U R N E Y 

Los Angeles weather is hardly something to complain about, but after having lived here for over 5 years. each and every one of us at Missed Global have first-hand experienced the frustrating symptoms of what seems to be an endless dry spell. The smog doesn't help either.

It's definitely hard to start a day off strong when you wake up in the morning with crusty eyes, dry skin, or a sore throat. I personally struggled a lot with allergies, and honestly, people in LA just kind of accept that dryness is an inevitable consequence of living in the City of Angels. 

For the longest time we just complained about how awful we felt until Christmas of 2019 came along and one of our friends went out of her way to get all of us humidifiers!

We raved about how life-changing it was … until it grew moldy. The model we had was tough to clean, and even when we did clean it, it was hard to do a good job. 

We all wanted a better option, but when we browsed Amazon, our choices were rather lackluster. Upon opting to return our humidifiers, we had an awful customer service experience with the vendor she purchased our units from, and it was after going through this frustrating process that we all came together and said "let's do this."

We decided that if no one was going to champion a great product, we would redirect our frustration as customers into a passion for Missed!

I don't want to bore you with too much backstory, so we'll keep it at that!

A side note is that team photos are coming soon! The past year has been so busy that we just never got around to it. It  eventually became impossible to gather everyone up during the pandemic for a photo-op, but we figured some of you might like to know more about who we are, so it's definitely still on our to-do list. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading. 

O U R _ P R O C E S S 

Our mission is to discover, brand, and deliver an exceptional collection of humidifiers that you otherwise would have Missed out on.

As consumers, we miss out on so many great products, and it's really just because we don't know where to look. Millions of products are being created, produced, and distributed across the world every day. The initial goal of most products are the same - to serve as a solution to a specific problem, but often times by the end of a successful product's journey to becoming a household name, the brand created can become more important to the business than the actual quality, customer service, or even function that it was designed to serve. 

The goal of our process is to remain dedicated toward providing each and every one of our customers with humidifiers that integrate seamlessly into their lives & satisfy their needs. 

Below is a brief overview of what the process looks like from start to finish. Learn more on our "Got Questions" page. 

T H E _ W O R K S H O P 

We've got so much more coming your way. Every day we're working to improve our practice, expand our collection, and elevate the standard for what it means to experience Missed Global. 

Our team exists to best serve you and to spread our love & passion toward humidifiers with anyone and everyone who could use a little more mist in their lives.  

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (for lack of a better word). We run out of stock a lot, but we also do restock very regularly, so we'll keep you posted from time to time. You'll also get exclusive access to our product launches so that you can be sure to catch launch dates and deals before they fly by.

Our Spring 2021 collection is in the works, and we have a lot lined up for the rest of this year

If you were wondering why all of our products have names - there are a lot of incredible people who have helped us along our journey as both a humidifier company and just as ordinary people.

Each and every one of the people we choose to name our humidifiers after brings us great joy & happiness. We hope this joy & happiness resonates throughout our community.

Also, we figured that since so many people probably treat their humidifiers awfully (i.e. no maintenance), by giving them personalities and identities, this will hopefully inspire you to treat your humidifiers with more care. Happy Humidifying!

C O N T A C T _ U S 

We always make time to listen to our visitors & customers. Email us at team@missed.supply for any and all of your concerns / inquiries and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

C O M M U N I T Y _ B L O G