0 1 .   I M A G I N E

our vision for the future

Chasing balance.

It sounds lame, but we're on a quest to create balance.


The frustrating truth about air care products like heaters, humidifiers, and purifiers is that no one really designed any of them to work together. In fact, they often end up working against each other.


"I'm cold." Run the heater. "It's SO dry." Run a humidifier. "I'm worried about getting sick." Run a purifier.


What if you're cold, the air is dry, and you want to run a purifier? The heater will just run your air dry, and even if you manage to get humidity levels up, local airborne particles like viruses & dust will start to settle on surfaces and your purifier's efficiency will plummet.


What sets us apart from other air care shops is our commitment and long-term vision to work toward building an ecosystem that establishes both a sustainable & healthy balance in the air that you breathe.


Now, we're definitely far from accomplishing this with the collection that we currently offer, but that's why we need your support. For every order that we receive, a vast majority of our profits go straight into R&D to design, prototype, and manufacture what we believe the future of air care should and can be (click below to learn exactly what we are envisioning).


The remainder of our profits go toward our Social Initiative Fund (SIF), where we redirect the support we've received from you all toward other organizations that are dedicated to solving to some of what we believe are the largest problems of this century. We'll be releasing full details on our SIF plans in early March.


For most of you, this might already be more than what you're interested in knowing, but for those of you who want to really understand and potentially share our vision, enjoy!

P R O D U C T   &   E X P E R I E N C E 

The journey to an "ideal air care ecosystem" is not a short one, so in a nutshell, here's where we are and how we plan on getting there:

1  .   B E S T   O F   T H E   B E S T  

Best-of-the-best is our team's current plan and practice. We design, source, manufacture, brand, and distribute the best of what the global production scene has to offer. From catalogues to trade shows, we hunt down the greatest creators in air care and work with them to bring excellent products that you otherwise would have missed out on to your doorstep.


We've started from the bottom and continue to plan on working our way up.


Every order we receive directly supports the development of our process. Our goal is to receive 30,000 orders in 2021, and with this, we'll be able to properly engineer and prototype the first modular design and head into our next phase. As of 2/11/2021, we are currently only at 2,000 orders, but we'll be working hard to grow exponentially this year!

As of now, the only process that isn't fully done in the US is manufacturing, and as much as we'd love to find a local partner to work with, the cost makes things difficult. Our products would all have to be at least 3x the price they are now - there's a reason why 99% of consumer electronics are produced overseas. Now, we're excited to continue working with our partners who have consistently proven that their product quality & company values are second to none, but we are also very eager to do our part in pursuing a shift toward local production.


Currently, our branding and packaging partners, as well as our essential oil suppliers are all based in California. We will be starting a Kickstarter as soon as we reach our goal and have enough saved up to build out a full prototype that we can promise production on.

2 .   M O D U L A R   D E S I G N   

Every home is different. Every space is different. Ceilings are different heights and even identical rooms will have differences depending on the needs of whoever is living there. This is why the market is so complicated and inefficient. As a shopper, you have to do research, test, and honestly just accept the results of whatever "the best choice" out there is. Up until now, large companies like Dyson and Vick's have given up on trying to create something that REALLY works for everyone. If anything, it ends up benefitting them because people will often end up buying MORE than one of their products.


So what exactly are we planning on building?


Well, to start - it will be autonomous. It will be self-sustaining & hassle-free. It will be adaptable in design and reactive in functionality. It won't cost you an arm and a leg to feel comfortable and happy with what you BREATHE. It will be human-centric, not coverage-centric.


It will be modular, expandable, and accessible - like Legos.


It's not a perfect analogy, but the best way we've been able to get our supporters to form a clearer idea of what we're envisioning is by comparing it to Legos - the colorful building blocks you can find at the toy store.


Imagine you have a Blue Lego (Humidifier) and a White Lego (Purifier). Imagine that each of these Legos have a basic range that they can cover. For instance, your Blue Lego can cover up to 300 square feet, and your White Lego can also cover up to 300 square feet. The first concept is a design improvement. Instead of placing your Legos beside each other, which is what you would currently do with a purifier and a humidifier in the same room, they stack. You can charge your Legos together or separately, and on top of this, you can stack as many Legos as you need to get your desired coverage. Each Lego will also have different output modes, so you'll have complete and total granular control over the functions you need in your space. You can also split the Legos up, take them around the house, keep some on and keep some off.


The best part? You'll be able to control all of your individual Legos on your mobile phone or home control panel. You'll be able to automate them and connect them to any of your existing smart home systems.


This is the first step in building an integrated system that takes 0 installation and provides the lowest upfront cost.


Imagine being able to have your Humidifier and Air Purifiers automatically turn on when they sense the need to do so. You will also be able to make quality of life adjustments like "turn my purifiers off overnight because they're too loud, and turn my humidifiers on every day at 9 PM so I can get that perfect night of rest." Sure, you'd never say that literally, but you get the picture.

3 .   I N T E G R A T E D   S Y S T E M 

Now this is where the ultimate excitement comes - imagine being able to control the humidity, temperature, air quality, and aroma of any space in the palm of your hand.


Similar to how Google Nest has a thermostat that you can just plug into your home A/C system, we're also envisioning a single control hub where you'll be able to set the settings you want for your environment, and forget about everything else.


Just like you how you can both see and set the temperature of your home through your A/C system, you'll also be able to visualize and control the other aspects of your air beyond just how hot or cold it is.


Whether it's wildfire season, a dry summer / winter, or you just want a hint of lemon in your air throughout the day, our home air care ecosystem will make it happen.

S O C I A L   I M P A C T


"Growing up, it had never occurred to me that one day our air & water would both become commodities. A future of abundance starts from a present of innovation and an alliance amongst those of us who are dedicated toward making progress."


- Henry J. (CEO & Co-founder of MG)


At Missed Global, we're doubling down on impact and setting aside a portion of our profits to support organizations that are working to build a sustainable and healthy future. We'll be making a donation at the end of every fiscal year, and we one day hope to have a fund large enough to encourage entrepreneurship amongst a growing generation of problem solvers.


In March, we'll be releasing full details on our 2021 initiatives, as well as holding a live poll on our Instagram where our community members can vote directly moving forward.


*Last updated on 2/15/2021