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"simple" is our steering wheel

Exploring simple.

Our "look" is, and has always been, very much a work in progress. Thus far, we've taken a very minimalistic & simple direction with our brand, and plan on continuing to be guided by simplicity in the future.


The reasoning and inspiration for this actually goes beyond just taste or preference - air care has grown as an industry over the past few years due to rising concerns in air quality and public health. Because of this, manufacturers from across the world have flooded the markets with their designs & products, each newcomer claiming to do "more" and "better" than the last.


Because of this evolving dynamic, the market has become complex and extremely cluttered. You don't have to go very far on your humidifier hunt to be overwhelmed by all different sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and features.


As consumers ourselves, our team wanted to offer something much simpler that focused on the core functionality and user experience of a product.


Visually and experientially, we were deliberate in keeping things basic. This way, there's an almost frictionless connection & understanding that our shoppers and visitors can immediately establish with the products in our collection.


With this being said, there's a key idea that we'd love to leave you with, which pretty much sums up the role that "simplicity" plays in the context of our business.


At Missed Global, we firmly believe that "the best" and "simple" are inescapably connected.


It's important to us that we always strive to offer nothing but the best, and we are confident that our minimalistic identity will help keep us on track.


As the world continues to become more and more complex, we hope to make your life simpler.