Guide : How to Get Started & Keep Your Mist Clear & Strong

Easy to clean, and here's how you do it.

Even though all of our designs are made to be simple and hassle-free, cleaning remains the single most important factor in making sure you get a clean and clear mist for the many months and years to come.

Our design lab is working on a new self-cleaning function that will make it so that you'll only have to clean things every few weeks or even once a month, but until then, refer to the chart below to figure out how to best maintain your misty companions!

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If you're new, 2021 Updated Instruction Manual Attached Here.


1. Swap your cotton filters every 1-2 weeks if you run your humidifier daily. Every 2-3 weeks if you're running things every other day. Get some extra cotton filters here.

2. Keep your misting ports dry after each use! Our team cannot stress how important this is for the Stella. Most of us just use standard tap water, so there can be some calcium / content build-up that makes it through an old filter. The build-up happens when the leftover moisture evaporates and leaves behind an ultrafine stain. This stain then can grow until it eventually hinders the port's ability to mist. This is a huge nono!

3. Wipe your water tank from time to time, and feel free to use alcohol wipes to give your misting ports a gentle wipe as well.


Note: Reach out to our team if you have any questions - we're always here to help!


1. Give your water tank (bucket) a wipe every few uses. This generally stays pretty clean because you take it out every time you need to fill it up, and the water is actually always moving during use.

2. The bottom basin underneath the water tank can be the troublemaker here. Just a quick and gentle cloth wipe after each use is actually enough, but a lot of us forget to do this (because it's so easy to just fill the tank up for another go!). If you forget for a few days, no worries - just spend 10 to 15 minutes catching up and give it a good wipe.

3. The aromatherapy diffuser requires a cleaning once a week if you use things every day. All you have to do is use some isopropyl alcohol and run it through the diffuser as you would a normal essential oil. Keep things going for 20-30 minutes on the highest setting, and then let it diffuse an empty bottle for 5-10 minutes to let things air out. Also, the small circular "panel" where the essential oil scent comes out of is just a cover for the actual diffuser. You can take this small "cap" off by giving it a tug. Let us know if you have questions on this - we'll have a video coming out soon!

4. Change your Zeolite filter every 1-2 years of consistent usage. This can last you up to 3 years if you use the humidifier more sporadically / seasonally. We'll have filters on our store in March of 2021!


Note: Keep in mind that all of the parts inside of the humidifier are actually detachable, making it much easier to clean! Reach out to our team if you have any questions!

All of our other humidifiers are pretty standard and for the most part very intuitive. Keep your ports dry. Remember to give things a wipe from time to time, and swap filters out when necessary. Let us know if you need any help!