COVID-19 Update Letter

Hi there! Things have been so hectic around the world lately, and we decided to put this page together and communicate how our business has been affected by the outbreak & how that pertains to your Missed Global experience. We'll be writing these letter-based updates on a weekly basis to keep you all informed on what to expect, as well as be openly transparent with regard to some of the back-end complications that have risen over the past few months.


Feel free to reach out to us with any questions/concerns via email:


6/23/2020: May & June Delivery Statistics Update

85% of all orders placed in May & June (up to 6/08) have been finally delivered! If you're part of the 15% and have not contacted us yet, please feel free to reach out and we'll be ready to help! Shipping times have largely normalized to 5-12 business days, and expedited replacements have been ranging 5-8 business days. Hope this information helps, and thank you to everyone who has been following and supporting us through these challenging times! You're all the best!

6/15/2020: May & Early June Delivery Statistics Update

As of today, 81% of orders placed in early to mid May have been successfully delivered. Only 65% of orders placed in late May have been delivered, and 75% of orders placed after 6/1 (14 days ago) have been delivered. For any new visitors, April shipping times came out to be on average 25 days. For late-May it improved to 8 business days days. This is the most accurate estimate for shipping times on new orders placed after today. We hope this information helps you get an idea of where you fall in the spectrum if you are a customer and what to expect if you're looking to place an order.

It's been such a challenging two months - the good news is that it finally seems like we're coming out of this storm! Hundreds of reshipments later, we're definitely seeing an improvement in the situation, and we're excited to return to a higher standard of shipping and overall brand experience - thanks for all of your support and patience! To all of you new customers, welcome, and feel free to reach out if you have any concerns or questions! Happy Monday!



We wanted to share with you all some of the back-end statistics for orders placed in early/mid May. As of today, 75% of orders placed in early to mid May have been successfully delivered. Only 35% of orders placed in late May have been delivered, and 10% of orders placed after 6/1 (6 days ago) have been delivered. Historically speaking, our April shipping duration came out to be roughly 25 days, and for May it thankfully decreased to 10-12 days. This is the most accurate estimate for shipping times on new orders placed after today. We hope this information helps you get an idea of where you fall in the spectrum if you are a customer and what to expect if you're looking to place an order. 

If you've reached out to us, we've already expressed this to you, but we really want to make sure that everyone in our community understands that we are doing our best to prioritize our customers & shoppers. If you've placed an order with us in April/early-mid May and haven't seen any recent shipping updates, send us an email at, and we will be more than happy to file an internal inquiry as well as provide next steps toward an expedited reshipment.  We hope everyone out there is staying safe and doing well - your patience, support, interest, and understanding is what keeps us going during these challenging times. Thank you so much! 



We've been working hard to get things back to normal, and the good news is that we're scheduled to reopen our US distribution on June 23rd. With this being said, there are still a lot of orders being held up by customs, USPS, and FedEx delays. We've seen a lot of these courier companies start to hand packages off to smaller courier services to help with overflow. If it looks like your order is stuck and hasn't moved in awhile, please feel free to reach out, and we can get the last-mile tracking information over to you. To read more about what's holding things back, check out the 5/8 update below.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for your support & understanding during these chaotic times. We hope you have a great & safe weekend - our team is working overtime to make sure things move along, so don't hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions/concerns pertaining to current, past, or future orders!



Things on the logistics side are finally starting to clear up. We've still got a bunch of orders placed in April that have been sitting at customs for awhile (5/4 and 5/8), but our partnered couriers are saying that these should pick up and start moving again soon. 

With that being said, new orders placed after 5/6 have seen much fewer delays - definitely reach out if you have any issues/concerns. Reference the previous update post for more details - stay safe, take care, and we'll continue to keep you all in the loop.



Happy Friday - we hope you are all staying safe and having a good start to your weekend!

The number one issue of this week that COVID-19 has created is unpredictable shipping delays. Before the outbreak, we had never had any issues with shipping times, but as of late, orders are getting delivered anywhere between 4 and 25 business days. If you're a customer wondering what's up, feel free to shoot us an email and we'll get you more precise information as it pertains to your order. If you're a shopper/reader, we're doing our best to be honest - although a good number of our orders still arrive within our standard 5-12 day promise, there have definitely been some US customs clearance delays (particularly in LA & NY) that have held up a lot of our customers in April and early May. Your support means the world to us, and our entire team is working day (and literally night) to make sure that you will receive your order as fast as possible.  Things are definitely returning to normal, and we are always doing our best to speed things up where we can.

For those of you who would like to know some more details about what we're dealing with, I'll go ahead and elaborate on some topics below. For the rest of you, thank you so much for reading, and again, feel free to reach out to us about anything and everything you may be concerned about - we are always ready to help!

1) Shipping Delay Gridlock: the US is receiving an unprecedented volume of international packages, yet there are less and less public workers who can work full-time. On top of this, we're sure that US regulations and clearance procedures have gotten more rigid, so these 3 factors are really causing things to slow down. It's an all-in-all frustrating experience when a package gets stuck at customs, but we're doing our best to be understanding of the chaotic times, and we really appreciate your patience as well! You can find some more information on our shipping FAQ page

2) Our Brand & Our Packaging: since we had to shut down our US fulfillment process in mid-March, we've been shipping all of our products straight from our manufacturers overseas. Our process will return to normal in June, and rest assured that if your humidifier ever has any quality issues, send us an email and we'll address it immediately. 

3) Copy-cat/Imitation Stores: this problem is really two-fold.

The first half of things is that there are actually people out there stealing our content, word-for-word, and using it to try and sell their own products. We've had photos, videos, literal blog posts, email responses, instruction manuals - just about anything you can download - pop up randomly on some unfamiliar store, and although we can and will pursue legal action in the future, we've decided to stay laser-focused on improving our core business practices; although things may look similar on the outside, we are confident that the Missed Global experience and customer support team is inimitable. 

The second half deals with our literal product - there have been a number of Amazon and imitation stores that have found many of our more popular products and have begun to try and secure manufacturing relationships with our partners by buying in bulk. These products are 100% "legit," and often times these stores even offer copies of products at lower prices. How these other stores choose to price their goods has little to do with our process - we always try and provide our products at the most affordable price for our customers and lately, we've been doing our best to balance this with staying afloat amidst this global pandemic. With all this being said, many of these other stores do NOT guarantee reliable refunds & returns policies, customer service, brand support, and shipping promises. Please purchase at your own discretion. We are looking to move production to the US and secure exclusive manufacturing agreements & design patents in the future - we really appreciate the support of our customers and visitors while we continue to grow and learn from this situation. Thank you!

A lot of this information may not be relevant to you, but we hope it helps paint a clearer picture of some of the issues we're experiencing currently - our team is always striving to provide a sincere and authentic humidifying experience to each and everyone of our customers, and we hope you all are having a great day whenever and wherever you're reading this update from! 


- The Missed Global Team