W E L C O M E !


This Spring weather got us like 🤧

Love the sun. Hate my allergies.

Dry air and allergy season can make it so hard to feel comfortable, even when we're at home. If you know you need a humidifier already, head over to our collection to check out all of our latest & greatest.

If you're new to the idea of a humidifier, read on for everything you need to know about how some powerful mist can help you skip the dread, look ahead, and enjoy Spring for all that it has to offer 🌱 🌻

First, the paradox.

Dry air irritates your nasal passages, making your allergic symptoms even worse...

but if your air is too humid, certain allergens can live longer, which can also worsen your allergies 😔

If you've ever Googled "is a humidifier good for allergies," you're bound to have come across both these statements. So then what exactly is the verdict? Will a humidifier help with allergies or not?

The answer is simple. Humidifiers are used to balance⚖️ your air! Too much humidity is just as bad as dry air, so if you have allergies in a humid environment, a humidifier will not help.

However, if your air is dry and you do have allergies, a humidifier will 100% improve your quality of life throughout allergy season. Just make sure to not go overboard and have too much fun living in a cloud ☁️ of mist.

You can get a hygrometer off of Amazon for <$10, and this is basically a thermometer 🌡️ for your humidity levels. Keeping humidity between 40 and 60% is the healthiest way to use a humidifier. It's way easier to do this than it sounds - just turn your humidifier off when you start to see condensation (water droplets 💧) forming around it, and you're good to go.

Read on to learn exactly how a humidifier helps with allergies, or shop & explore our collection below.


"So how exactly does the extra moisture from a humidifier help with my allergies?"

Great question. Two part answer - a humidifier helps do two things: alleviate and prevent.

The first half has to deal directly with alleviating your allergic S Y M P T O M S 🤧

You'll notice immediately after spending your first day or night with a humidifier that you struggle less with, sinus discomfort, mucus buildup, and various other chronic symptoms that many people choose to ignore, take medication 💊 for, or just suffer through.

Second, humidifiers have been known to have a real impact on your body's ability to defend & P R E V E N T against illness, allergy, and virus.

As you know, most allergies are all-in-all harmless. It just sucks to be bogged down all the time by a stuffy nose and dry eyes, and a humidifier gives you that extra added layer of defense and comfort.


How should I use my humidifier and how often do I have to clean it?

It's all about proximity. No humidifier out there is going to provide equal coverage across your entire room. Staying within 3-4 feet of your humidifier is how you maintain maximum & consistent results.

It's really up to you on how frequently you choose to run your misting companion. A lot of our community members choose to run their humidifiers throughout the day when the symptoms are at their worst, but there are many benefits to sleeping with a humidifier overnight as well.

Regardless, in order to get the full effects of a humidifier, you have to make sure to keep it clean.

Our units all have extremely simple maintenance procedures, so it's really just about consistency. For the most part, it's nothing more than a wipe-down 🧽 every couple of days and an eventual filter change.

The most comfortable relative humidity level is at between 40% and 60%. During allergy season, we recommend doing your best to maintain 50%.


Why consider an MG humidifier?

We invest in what we do best and what we think is the most important - the fundamentals.

You don't have to go very far on Google or Amazon to start to feel overwhelmed with all the choices out there.

Just two years ago, we were actually in your shoes too. Finding a quality humidifier was way too complicated, and it felt like every option was just trying to one-up the previous one by adding more digital screens, fancy features, or lower prices.

After having owned literally every single top 10 humidifier on the internet, we started to feel really jaded by the selection at the time. We felt that manufacturers had really lost sight of what was most important to us - design, function, and quality.

Nothing that we had owned even came close to perfect, so we decided to try and become the first one-stop-shop for all things humidifiers; we wanted to create and share our standard & vision for how air care should be experienced.

We wish we had featured articles in Forbes, GQ, Vogue, and all the others, but we're just a small team of 5 that's looking to prioritize our customers' experiences before actively seeking to garner the rest of society's attention & approval.

For now, we're perfectly happy and grateful to have the 12,000+ and growing customer and community base that we've built over the past year, and we hope to make a positive impact in your life with one of our very own humidifiers built to help you conquer your allergies.


A small change to make a big difference.

Just a little mist can go a long way.



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