Waking up should feel good. 

Sometimes, it can be hard to get up in the mornings, especially after a dry night.

There's only one thing that can save you from that awful feeling of waking up all dried out - a powerful humidifier.

The paradox.

The longer you sleep, the more rested you should feel, but ...

the longer you're asleep for, the more dehydrated your body becomes - both inside and out.

Have you ever had a long night of sleep that should have been perfect, but you just didn't wake up feeling fully rested? Meanwhile, there are other times where you've slept less and felt much better?

One of the biggest factors that determines this difference is how dry the air you sleep in is.


So what does sleeping with a humidifier actually do?

Great question. Two part answer.

The first half has to deal directly with your health and how you feel.

You'll notice immediately after the first night of sleeping with a humidifier that you struggle less with dry skin, sinus discomfort, cracked lips, and various other chronic symptoms that many people choose to ignore & just suffer through.

Second, humidifiers have been known to have a real impact on your body's ability to defend against illness, allergy, and virus. A recent study showed that just a 10% decrease in humidity can actually double the transmission rate of COVID-19.

You're not going to catch COVID-19 overnight (knock on wood), but this just goes to illustrate how a dry overnight environment makes you much more susceptible to airborne bacteria, germs, dust, pathogens, and viruses.

Most nights, this is harmless, but a humidifier gives you that extra layer of defense and comfort.  


When should I be using a humidifier?

Between blasting the A/C and changing seasons, dry air can really strike at any time throughout the year depending on how sensitive you are.

In the winter, indoor humidity can drop to as low as 20%, and on top of this, there's always a flu floating around. In the summer, air conditioning saps all the moisture from your air, causing many of the same respiratory symptoms you might experience in the winter.

A humidifier is also a huge friend to anyone who snores while they sleep. Whether it's a gentle snore or a tiger's roar, extra moisture in the air can make it so much easier to breathe smoothly.

The most comfortable relative humidity level is at between 40% and 60%.


Why choose us?

Why should you choose our humidifiers?

You don't have to go very far on Google or Amazon to start to feel overwhelmed with all the choices out there.

Just two years ago, we were actually in your shoes too. Finding a quality humidifier was way too complicated, and it felt like every option was just trying to one-up the previous one by adding more digital screens, fancy features, or lower prices.

After having owned literally every single top 10 humidifier on the internet, we felt that manufacturers have really lost sight of what is most important to us - design, function, and quality.

No option came close to perfect, so we decided to try and become the first one-stop-shop for all things humidifiers; we wanted to create and share our standard & vision for how air care should be experienced.

We wish we had featured articles in Forbes, GQ, Vogue, and all the others, but we're just a small team of 5 that's looking to prioritize our customers' experiences before actively seeking to garner the rest of society's attention & approval.

For now, we're perfectly happy and grateful to have the 12,000+ and growing customer and community base that we've built over the past year, and we hope to make a positive impact in your life with one of our very own humidifiers built to help you say bye to dry for good.


A small change to make a big difference.

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