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Humidity & Plants 101: The Right Way to Mist

Myths debunked. Tips unveiled.

No plant was intended to be an 'indoor plant.' Indoor humidity is on average 20-40% lower than what it is outside, and as a result of this, caretakers have devised a handful of ways to try and help their plants cope with dry air. The only issue is that many of these ways are misleading and not very effective.

Whether you've got a green thumb already or you're new to houseplants, read on for what we think every plant owner should know about humidity. We'll also cover how some powerful mist can help your plant buddies enjoy Spring & Summer for all that they have to offer 🌱 🌻

Myth : Misting

Misting your plants with a traditional spray bottle / mister does little to nothing to help with dry air.

The entire point of misting is to try and raise the humidity level, but here's the issue - it would take continuous and hyper-frequent misting to actually keep things at a constantly higher level. The moment the mist stops, everything is just back to being dry almost instantly.

Misting your plants is more of a way to connect with your plants daily than a real solution to dry living conditions.


Semi-Myth : Plant Clusters & Pebble Trays

Plant Clusters:

It's definitely true that grouping your plants can create a micro-cluster effect, but this effect is so minimal that you'd need something closer to the scale of a rainforest for a micro-cluster of plants to really make a significant difference in the relative humidity of a space. This is one of those things that you can definitely do and is completely true, but the results are more often than not negligible & inconsistent.

Pebble Trays:

Pebble trays are one of the only techniques I've seen actually raise humidity levels naturally by up to 5%, so it's definitely not a myth. However, if any of you have tried this before, you know how much of a nuisance it is to set one up and keep clean. On top of this, maintaining a pebble tray for each and every one of your plants can become overwhelming.

It's no secret.

Humidifiers mist your plants continuously and are effortless to set up and monitor.

Whether you ask a botanist, a professor, a scientist, a gardener, or even the owner of a local plant shop "how do I increase the humidity in my space," the answer you're going to get 99% of the time is to get a humidifier.

A lot of people have bad first-time experiences with a humidifier, and this is unfortunately because there isn't a very wide selection of quality products out there. However, if you're serious about keeping your plants happy throughout dry days, weeks, or even months, having a reliable misting companion is key.


Final thoughts!

If you're looking to help your plants say bye (for good) to brown edges, wilting, and/or crisping, a humidifier is your best friend.

Although we do offer our own collection of humidifiers here at Missed Global, our intention is really just to compile our learnings & experiences and share them with you! We encourage you to learn and read more on how to establish and maintain the optimal environment for your plant buddies to grow and thrive.

Humidifiers are incredible plant & human companions, so even if you choose to add humidifiers that aren't from our collection into your homes, my team and I will be more than happy to know that our post still helped make a difference 😊



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