William II


Meet William II,

Introducing the newest version of our William model.

More mist, more portability, and more function than ever before - William II is the ultimate solution for all of our tabletop humidifying needs. 

Here at Missed Global, we're huge on receiving feedback - our team took everything good about the original William model and used this as a launchpad to design the William II. We kept what our community members loved, and we made sure to actively address even the smallest of issues. This included adding wireless features, more subtle & complimentary lighting options, and so much more.

Our design team made sure to integrate a much-requested essential oil tray and took our original 360 hinge-design to the next level. Now, the William II rotates both vertically and horizontally. There's also an automatic setting so that you get to experience the beginning of what a next-gen humidifying experience really entails. 

The negative ion air purifier function received a lot of love in the original William I, so we also found a way to more elegantly preserve the popular 2-in-1 function. 

William II comes in 4 colors, all of which we chose to complement your everyday living space. Whether it's an office, bedroom, or living room, this humidifier is a stylish and classic addition to almost any environment. 

With 2 mist modes, 2 light modes, and an easy-to-use aromatherapy function, we designed this ultrasonic wireless humidifier with all of our community members in mind. 

To all of you plant lovers, skin-care enthusiasts, and heath-conscious family members, enjoy!

Noise Level: Ultrasonic

Wireless: Up to 4 hours of wireless mist

Type of Mist: Cool Nano-mist

Capacity: 230 mL (4-7 hours depending on the mist mode)

Maintenance Type: Basic Water Tank Cleaning, Cotton Filter

Notable Features: LED night light feature, Negative Ion Air Purifier, 180 + 360 Rotating Dock Design

Portable: Compact size - travel friendly


Additional Specifications: 

Noise: <36db
Power (W): 2.5W
Voltage (V): 5V
Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes
Power Type: USB, Battery
Application: <10㎡
Humidity Control: Touch-tone
Humidifying Capacity: 40ml/h
Size: 7.2 x 5.8 x  20.8 cm

Benefits of a humidifier

Check out our blog posts for more on why exactly humidifiers are amazing household & office companions. 

Here are our top 5 perks of having a humidifier:

1. Cool mist and balanced air can help you manage and avoid those awful allergy symptoms. 

2. Sounder sleep & feel-good mornings. Having a humidifier really helps if you're waking up with a sore throat / dry nose.

3. Helps hair & skin stay moisturized and balanced.

4. Decrease eye strain throughout the day if you're staring at a screen for extended period of time. 

5. Decrease dryness and create an anti-virus environment. 

Tell me more

Indoor humidity levels are on average anywhere from 20-40% lower than outside. Compound that with running the AC or a heater system, and it can get really dry. 

Place our ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers within 4 feet of where you want immediate results, and you'll feel the difference in minutes. 


How to Indulge

Each one of our products have a slightly different setup process, but there is a general set of steps you can follow to get your humidifier misting right away:

1. Charge / power your unit. Be sure to give things a full charge before first use. 

2. Make sure the respective filters (cotton or Zeolite) are properly installed.

3. Fill up your humidifier tank with water so that the cotton filters are thoroughly soaking.

4. Press the "mist" button, and you're all set!

Reach out to us with any questions on Instagram or via our contact page.

Essential Oils

Unfortunately, most of our humidifiers are not built for essential oils. 

However, due to an incredible amount of requests and our community's ongoing support, we've developed an all-in-one large capacity humidifier + essential oil diffuser, James

The only product in our collection that is specifically designed for essential oils is James.

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